Celia Murray-Dunning

Postdoctoral Research Associate


PhD (2011): Electrospun aligned microfibres and plasma polymerisation techniques to improve peripheral nerve repair – University of Sheffield

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Immunology (2006) – University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Research Interests and Project Aim:

I am a biomaterials biologist with a specific interest in tissue engineering. My PhD and first post-doctoral positions focused on improving the efficiency of peripheral nerve repair.

I am currently working on the project ‘Novel Engineered Living Neural Tissue, for Peripheral Nerve Repair’. My project aim is to develop an implantable device for repairing the peripheral nervous system using innovative tissue engineering techniques. Through a combination of novel cell types, biomaterials and mechanical signalling we aim to produce an off the shelf device able to improve neuron growth within damaged nerves.

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