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PhD Studentship in Nerve Tissue Engineering

Added 12 February, 2018

A PhD studentship is available entitled "Combining Therapeutic Cells and Biomaterials to Develop Engineered Tissue for Repairing Peripheral Nerves". For more details visit the UCL studentship page.

International collaborations generate new EngNT papers

Added 20 December, 2017

In 2017 we were involved in studies demonstrating further development of Engineered Neural Tissue (EngNT) technology. These included in vivo testing of EngNT made using differentiated dental pulp stem cells in collaboration with colleagues in Hasselt University in Belgium, and two papers exploring the use of different ECM materials and mesenchymal stem cells and Schwann cells in work conducted with colleagues in Barcelona in Spain.

Preservation methods for EngNT

Added 3 November, 2017

Our paper published in Tissue Engineering Part C Methods explores protocols for the preservation of Engineered Neural Tissue (EngNT). This is an important consideration for translational development of the technology, where storage and transportation of living artificial tissue would be advantageous. The study identified hypothermic approaches suitable for short-term storage and cryogenic approaches for longer term preservation, which allowed EngNT to maintain viability and structure.

UCL Centre for Nerve Engineering

Added 25 May, 2017

The UCL Centre for Nerve Engineering was launched in May 2017 with a vision to create a multidisciplinary, inter-faculty research centre that translates diverse and complementary research in the physical and life sciences at UCL to clinical nerve repair. Our aim is to bring together scientific and engineering expertise from a broad range of disciplines and collaborate directly with clinicians involved in nervous system repair.    

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