Melanie Georgiou


M.Eng Biochemical Engineering (2009, UCL)

Research interests: Exploring commercially viable cells and biomaterials to beĀ used for peripheral nerve repair.



Ph.D. research: This project develops implantable devices for repairing the nervous system using tissue engineering technology. Cells, biomaterials, biochemical and mechanical signals will be combined to build conduits to support neuron growth within damaged peripheral nerves and spinal cord. Prototype devices will be developed and tested using advanced 3-dimensional cell culture models and those with therapeutic potential will be tested in vivo. It brings together the groups of James Phillips (tissue engineering), Jon Golding (stem cells) and Jane Loughlin (myelination) who are part of the new Biomedical Research Network at the OU.

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New video: A short video showcasing this research project is currently featured on the main OU Research website

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