Céline Kayal

CelineResearch Student


MSc Engineering for Health; First class honours, University Pierre and  Marie Curie Paris-VI- France (2015)

Diplôme D’ingénieur, ECE-Paris, France (2015)


Academic Background:

In 2011 Céline joined the engineering school ECE-Paris in France to study the basics in engineering combining mathematics, physics, and informatics. In the final two years of a five year program she decided to specialise in ‘engineering for health’ to be able to answer questions to improve quality of life in patients and healthy people.

In 2015, she develop an internship project that combined in vitro experimentation with mathematical modelling to understand the response of growing nerves to mechanical and chemical gradients in vitro under the co-supervision of Dr James Phillips (UCL Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering) and Dr Rebecca Shipley (UCL Mechanical Engineering). This multi-disciplinary project is now extended to a PhD and the aim is to find a new rational design for tissue engineering conduits for peripheral nerve repair using spatial control of physical and chemical factors.


Publications and presentations:

Attendance at conferences and events

Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) in Southampton, July 2015



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