Charlotte Lee-Reeves

Research Student


Currently studying:

MSc Clinical Neuroscience – University College London (2015)


I have a strong interest in translational neuroscience and the development of novel therapies for treating neurological disease and trauma.


My research project is to develop an in vitro model of neurodegeneration using engineered neural tissue, which is amenable to the quantitative analysis of neurite length. The aim is to optimise the model so that it is robust and reproducible through testing different neuronal cell sources and neurotoxic compounds.



BSc (Hons) Psychology – University of Westminster (2014)

Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)


Publications and presentations:

Lee-Reeves, Charlotte; O’Rourke, Caitriona and Phillips, James (2015). Development of a 3D in vitro co-culture model to study neurodegeneration. In: 16th Annual Queen Square Symposium, UCL Institute of Neurology, 29 May 2015.

Lee-Reeves, Charlotte; Phillips, James and O’Rourke, Caitriona (2015). Development of a tissue engineered co-culture model to study neurodegeneration. In: Tissue and Cell Engineering Society Annual Conference 2015, 19-21 July 2015, Southampton.

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