Ryan Trueman

Project: Nerve regeneration using biocompatible organic semiconductors

Ryan’s project is a new collaboration between the UCL School of Pharmacy and the UCL Chemistry Department. The project aims to develop novel, bioelectronic materials for the purpose of enhancing regeneration following peripheral nerve injury. 

Ryan is a member of the first cohort of the EPSRC-SFI funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technology at the UCL School of Pharmacy. During his initial year within the PhD program, Ryan undertook two research projects. The first, conducted within the UCL Chemistry Department, focused on the synthesis of novel tumour-responsive materials using self-assembling peptide nanogels for cancer imaging and therapy, supervised by Professor Alethea Tabor & Dr. Bob Schroeder. Ryan’s second project was conducted at AstraZeneca and involved the development of an in silico model for the prediction of lymphatic absorbance of novel drugs within the AstraZeneca pipeline. 

Prior to joining the Transformative Pharmaceutical Technology program, Ryan graduated with Distinction from the UCL School of Pharmacy with an MSc in Drug Discovery and Development and his MSc thesis involved the development of a 3D cell culture model for prediction of drug induced liver injury. Ryan completed his undergraduate degree at the Royal Veterinary College, in Biological Science, graduating with a 2:1. At the Royal Veterinary College, his dissertation evaluated the efficacy of a novel antisense oligonucleotide based therapy for treatment of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. Ryan has also completed 2 internships at a Patient Report Outcomes agency, Adelphi Real World. There, he undertook work investigating the clinical application and efficacy of advanced medicinal products, such as antibody-based therapies, compared to conventional treatment, for a variety of different autoimmune diseases within the US and EU.  


Dr. James Phillips, Reader in Regenerative Medicine, UCL School of Pharmacy

Prof. Alethea Tabor, Professor of Organic Chemistry, UCL Chemistry Department

Dr. Bob Schroeder, Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, UCL Chemistry Department 

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