Simão Laranjeira

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Academic Background:

Simão completed a MEng degree in Electric and Electronic engineering at Kings College London in 2011. An interest in biomedical engineering was sparked when he had the opportunity to develop a group project and then masters project on Microwave imaging of Breast Cancer supervised by Dr Panagiotis Kosmas. The focus of this work involved creating a realistic in silico model of breast tumours.

In 2011, he was accepted for a position in the Centre for Doctoral Training at Oxford University funded by the EPSRC. There he developed a short project on neuron glutamate excitotoxicity during ischaemic stroke supervised by Dr Stephen J. Payne. This collaboration continued into his DPhil where pathological mechanisms common to many neuro degenerative diseases were investigated. These included cytotoxic oedema and pro-resolving inflammatory mechanisms.

He is currently a post-doctoral research associate under Dr Rebecca Shipley in collaboration with Dr James Phillips, developing a multiphasic model to quantify the impact of oxygenation and angiogenic growth factor on distribution on cell proliferation and death in the context of peripheral nerve repair.

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