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Recent advances in neuronal and cardiac tissue engineering

Added 22 June, 2014

James gave a keynote talk entitled Engineering nervous system tissue at the international symposium Recent advances in neuronal and cardiac tissue engineering: from lab to clinic on 13th June 2014 organised by the Doctoral School for Medicine & Life Sciences at Hasselt University, Belgium.

School talk: Café Sci at Northampton High School

Added 30 March, 2014

In March James gave a talk entitled Repairing the body using tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as part of the Café Sci programme organised by students at Northampton High School. If you would like someone from the research group to talk at a science event organised by a school or other organisation please contact us.

PhD Success

Added 25 November, 2013

Congratulations to Melanie Georgiou who successfully passed her PhD viva on 28th October 2013. Mel's PhD thesis title is "Development of a tissue engineered implantable device for the surgical repair of the peripheral nervous system" and her work resulted in a number of publications and presentations as well as successful collaborations and an international award.

New Paper: Astrocyte response to stem cell therapies

Added 29 October, 2013

The paper "A 3D in vitro model reveals differences in the astrocyte response elicited by potential stem cell therapies for CNS injury" was published in Regenerative Medicine this week. It is freely available as an Open Access publication and reports a new use for the 3D astrocyte culture models we have developed previously. The astrocyte cultures were used to screen therapeutic cells in vitro, allowing cells likely to trigger an astrocyte response to be identified.

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