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Preservation methods for EngNT

Added 3 November, 2017

Our paper published in Tissue Engineering Part C Methods explores protocols for the preservation of Engineered Neural Tissue (EngNT). This is an important consideration for translational development of the technology, where storage and transportation of living artificial tissue would be advantageous. The study identified hypothermic approaches suitable for short-term storage and cryogenic approaches for longer term preservation, which allowed EngNT to maintain viability and structure.

UCL Centre for Nerve Engineering

Added 25 May, 2017

The UCL Centre for Nerve Engineering was launched in May 2017 with a vision to create a multidisciplinary, inter-faculty research centre that translates diverse and complementary research in the physical and life sciences at UCL to clinical nerve repair. Our aim is to bring together scientific and engineering expertise from a broad range of disciplines and collaborate directly with clinicians involved in nervous system repair.    

Presentation prize

Added 10 November, 2016

pg_winners-melPhD Student Melissa Rayner was awarded 1st Prize for her talk "Using advanced 3D engineered cell cultures to analyse the effect of drugs on peripheral nerve regeneration in vitro" at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute Research Away Day on 3rd November 2016.        

UCL Special Grand Round lectures: now online

Added 1 February, 2016

James Phillips joined UCL peripheral nerve surgeon Mr Tom Quick and a nerve injured patient to present a UCL Special Grand Round session in October 2015. This combination of interactive lectures and discussion entitled "Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: The science, surgery and experience of regenerative neuroscience" was open to the public and is now available to view online.

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